Monday, 18 September 2017

America's Championship / Colonial Cup : 2009-2017

The first ever home game for Jamaica

The American RL international tournament that was held for the fourth time in 2017 has concluded. In 2009 there were two nations but the other three were a tri-series. Unsurprisingly the USA won it for the fourth time, but what did change was Jamaica returning to second spot. Playing at home for the first time helped the Reggae Warriors no doubt but is also testament to the hard work being done there.

To review the scores, the USA won the first match played in Jacksonville 48-6. Then in Kingston Jamaica won 28-14 in their encounter with Canada. Finally the USA traveled up to Toronto and came away with the victory 36-18.


YEAR 1st 2nd 3rd

2009 USA Jamaica -

2010 USA Jamaica Canada

2016 USA Canada Jamaica

2017 USA Jamaica Canada

*Formerly the Atlantic Cup

The Colonial Cup (see historical results here) is played between Canada and the USA and for this year, the America's Championship game was also for this cup as well.


YEAR 1st 2nd

2010 USA 1 Canada 0

2011 USA 1 Canada 0

2012 USA 2 Canada 0

2013 USA 3 Canada 1

2014 Canada 1 USA 0

2015 Canada 2 USA 1

2016 USA 2 Canada 0

2017 USA 1 Canada 0

Picture credit: RL Planet.

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