Tuesday, 17 September 2019

UK Teams Rated : 2019 Also Rans

Of the twelve clubs in the comp (I know 14 would be much better), seven didn't make the playoffs. They also ran, but not fast enough. So how did they go?

12th. 20 points London Broncos (South England).

Boxed above their weight and were in the hunt until the last round. A fantastic effort, but deservedly the team that should be relegated in terms of performance and quality. If heart was the determining factor...

11th. 20 points Hull KR (Yorkshire).

The team was better than this but they struggled and lost games they should have won toward the end of the season. The very loyal fans deserved better.

10th. 22 points Huddersfield Giants (Yorkshire).

Not a bad side but perhaps short of a bit of quality in key positions. Unless they address that, this season will be repeated in 2020.

9th. 22 points. Wakefield Trinity Wild Cats (Yorkshire).

Some good players but a side that struggled for consistency. Their goal difference shows they were some way better than the three below them, but the points tally didn't reflect that.

8th. 24 points. Leeds Rhinos (Yorkshire).

How the mighty have fallen. A poor coach and a dismal start to the season had people talking of their relegation. A new coach and some better results got them out of trouble. The only side here with a positive points differential.

7th. 26 points. Catalan Dragons (France).

They started the season well and looked to be heading to the playoffs. Then a crash in form and out of contention. The fans are understandably disillusioned with the loss of form in a season that promised much.

6th. 30 points. Hull FC. (Yorkshire).

During the season I was constantly surprised where this team was on the ladder. I had the impression they were scrapping at the lower end of the table but much of the time they were in a playoff spot. The fact that the points difference was less than the 9th placed side says it all for me. A poor effort that didn't deserve a place in the finals.

Rk Team Pts W L Diff

6 Hull FC 30 15 14 -123

7 Catalan Dragons 26 13 16 -192

8 Leeds Rhinos 24 12 17 6

9 Wakefield Trinity 22 11 18 -115

10 Huddersfield Giants 22 11 18 -205

11 Hull KR 20 10 29 -220

12 London Broncos 20 10 19 -282

Monday, 16 September 2019

UK Super League Attendances : 2017-2019

The 2019 season recorded a 2.4% drop on last year, but less games were played. A more accurate picture is painted by looking at the average instead and that was up 1%. Not a bad effort after some poor weather at the season's beginning. In fact, after ten rounds, the average was down 7.1%.

Leeds retained the top spot, up 3% despite a poor season on the pitch by their standards. St Helens came in next and +4.4%, up two places. Their fine run of form no doubt a factor. Wigan retained third spot with a 1.5% rise, but Hull FC dropped two places with a forgettable year. Some fans are wanting a change of coach.

Warrington (+12.4%) was 5th and the Catalan side from France increased 26.2%. The latter benefited with a game at the Camp Nou, Barcelona. Others were Hull KR (+4%). Castleford (-6.5%), Wakefield (+7.9%), Huddersfield (-4.5%) and Salford (+33.3%).

Those savvy with numbers will wonder why only a 1% increase with so many doing better than that. It was due to Widnes being relegated and London promoted. That caused a drop of 56.3%! So while it was great having London in the top flight, it did hurt attendances.


2019 2018 2017
1 Leeds 12,757 Leeds 12,359 Leeds 14,711
2 St Helens 12,251 Hull FC 11,804 Wigan 13,669
3 Wigan 12,060 Wigan 11,528 Hull FC 11,375
4 Hull FC 11,821 St Helens 11,231 St Helens 10,946
5 Warrington 11,079 Warrington 9,795 Warrington 10,164
6 Catalans 10,722 Catalans 8,125 Catalans 8,612
7 Hull KR 8,273 Castleford 7,751 Castleford 8,779
8 Castleford 7,488 Hull KR 7,873 Leigh 6,301
9 Wakefield 5,346 Huddersfield 5,471 Huddersfield 5,873
10 Huddersfield 5,132 Wakefield 5,011 Widnes 5,587
11 Salford 3,677 Widnes 4,624 Wakefield 5,269
12 London 1,974 Salford 2,826 Salford 3,904

Magic W/E 56,869 Magic W/E 64,319 Magic W/E 65,407
Matches 174 Matches 180 Matches 181
Total 1,466,924 Total 1,502,397 Total 1,601,905
Avg 8,431 Avg 8,347 Avg 8,850

Sunday, 15 September 2019

NRL Teams Rated : 2019 Also Rans

The teams that had an early end to the season. A time to reflect on what might have been and plan for a more successful 2020.

16th: 10 points, Gold Coast (Queensland).

A total disaster any way you look at it, dropping from 14th to wooden spoon winners in 2019. The coach was sacked during the season but with the squad he had I wonder how he was supposed to be successful. Historically teams on the Coast have struggled and that continues.

15th: 18 points, St George (NSW).

After making the finals last year, the team fell away badly as the season progressed and so did the crowds. The coach seems to have survived what is the club's worst result in its history. Surely it can be only up from here.

14th: 20 points, North Qld Cowboys (Queensland). After seven consecutive years of being in the finals, they came 13th in 2018. Unfortunately, the club went one worse in 2019, although one better than a disastrous 2010. Without play maker Thurston, it was always going to be a transitional period but this is below what most expected.

13th: 21 points, NZ Warriors (New Zealand).

After a promising start, they got hit with a series of poor refereeing calls and then a drop in form. They have only made the finals once in eight years and their long suffering fans yearn for much better.

12th: 22 points, Canterbury Bulldogs (Sydney).

In the first half of the season, they were rubbish and by the end of it a top performing side. That should indicate a much better 2020 season. In the end, the same finishing position as last season.

11th: 22 points, Newcastle Knights (NSW). A reverse season to the Bulldogs, they end of year form was so poor, the coach and the club parted ways. On paper, they had a good side but games are won on grass. As with the Bulldogs, the same finishing position as last season.

10th: 24 points, Penrith Panthers (Sydney). After enjoying finals footie last year, this was a disappointment. Inconsistency was the key to their downfall.

9th: 24 points, Wests Tigers (Sydney). A rocks and diamonds team, they were classy on their day but ordinary at other times. But for the Broncos luckily getting a draw, they would have just made the playoffs.

Rk Team Pts W L Diff

9 Wests Tigers 24 11 13 -11

10 Penrith Panthers 24 11 13 -61

11 Newcastle Knights 22 10 14 -37

12 Canterbury Bulldogs 22 10 14 -151

13 New Zealand Warriors 21 9 14 -141

14 Queensland Cowboys 20 9 15 -122

15 St George-Illawarra Dragons 18 8 16 -148

16 Gold Coast Titans 10 4 20 -281