Wednesday, 22 May 2019

UK Super League Attendances 2019 (Progress Report)

As of the 18th of May, 2019, attendances in the UK SL are going well. There have been 90 games played, a total average of 8,527 per match. The chart shows the average per club and a percentage change compared to the full 2018 season.

This is a good result considering London replacing Widnes was always going to affect the average adversely. London is 107% up on its last season but compared to Widnes, down 59%. The Catalan figure is high due to the Barcelona game just played. Presently, the top six are very close.

The list will be updated every few months during the season. Going to the UK Attendances label to the right of your screen will give all sorts of nerdy data you may want to peruse.

Club Avg Att % +/-

1 Leeds 12,566 1.7%

2 Hull FC 12,226 3.6%

3 Wigan 12,205 5.9%

4 St Helens 12,037 7.2%

5 Catalans 11,536 42.0%

6 Warrington 11,323 15.6%

7 Hull KR 8,158 3.6%

8 Castleford 7,648 -1.3%

9 Wakefield 5,290 5.6%

10 Huddersfield 5,158 -5.7%

11 Salford 3,921 38.7%

12 London 1,882 -59.3%

Total 8,527 2.2%

Sunday, 19 May 2019

2021 World Cup Qualifiers - Europe C

The fixtures below are all in 2018 (except the last one), involving six nations and six games. They involve Group C ranked countries and a full list of the groups can be found by clicking here. There is a match between the two winning sides of the North and South groups to see which side progresses but I am unsure of the details at this stage.

16th June, Vrchlabi, Czech Rep:

Czech Rep 20-12 Norway.

The first match in the 2021 World Cup Qualifiers - European Championship C North -  was won by the hosts. Over 1,000 spectators in a small town were impressive. The game was close and Norway had the upper hand early on but was unable to take full advantage.

30th June, Budapest, Hungary:

Malta 22-44 Ukraine.

The first match for the European Championship C South was watched by 500 spectators at the Marsa Sports Complex. In warm conditions, the Ukraine side had the better of the first half to lead 18-6 at the break. Although Malta was able to score more in the second half, they couldn't stop the visitors doing likewise.

25th August, Osnabrück, Germany:

Germany 24-4 Czech Rep.

The second European Championship C North game went to Germany. It was a tight game, with the hosts scoring just before the break to lead 6-0. The larger Czech forwards were unable to break down a resolute defence as they hoped.

8th September, Kharkov, Ukraine:

Ukraine 26-28 Greece.

The second fixture for the European Championship C South had Greece leading 20-8 at halftime. However, the home side came storming back for a tense finish to the game. Both sides scored four tries each but a penalty goal was the difference in the end.

15th September, Porsgrunn, Norway & Athens, Greece:

Norway 40-20 Germany.

The third and final European Championship C North game with not much in it up to halftime, with the hosts leading 16-10. Norway needed to win well to progress (14 or 15 points) and they took the game away from Germany with an impressive points haul.

Malta 60-4 Greece.

The third and final European Championship C South match Greece showed their class, racing to a 30-4 halftime advantage. They didn't let up in the second period, running out comfortable winners. Greece won both their fixtures and progress.

Group C North Group C South
Nation W L P F A +/- Nation W L P F A +/-
Norway 1 1 2 52 40 +8 Greece 2 0 4 88 30 +58
Germany 1 1 2 44 44 0 Ukraine 1 1 2 70 50 +20
Czech R 1 1 2 24 36 -8 Malta 0 2 0 26 104 -78

18th May 2019, London, England:

The playoff game to see which team progressed, was a high scoring match. Greece were soon ahead 14-0 and by half time it was a lopsided 39-0. The second half was more even, as Norway came back. The score was 38-20 at one stage but eventually Greece took the game 56-26.

Norway can return home proud of their come back performance while Greece attempt to make their first WC appearance in the next round played in Oct/Nov 2019 against Scotland and Russia. 

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

UK League One Attendances 2019 (Progress Report)

As of the end of April, 2019, attendances in the UK League One third division are starting to take on some meaning. There have been 38 games played, a total average of just over a modest 669 per match. There are three less sides playing in the 2019 season and five down on 2017.

Workington have benefited from a derby match, putting them on top. Newcastle continues to grow nicely and hopefully that will continue. There are some interesting matches played in League One. New sides may join in 2020. If sides from Ottawa and New York do join this division, they will be dwarfing these small clubs until their promotion to the Championship.

The list will be updated every few months during the season. It covers the two previous seasons in full against the 2019 progress figures. Going to the UK Attendances label to the right of your screen will give all sorts of attendance data.


2019 2018 2017
1 Workington 1,247 Bradford 3,574 Toronto 6,960
2 Newcastle 1,128 York 1,624 York 1,092
3 Keighley 941 Newcastle 991 Newcastle 900
4 Whitehaven 794 Doncaster 830 Barrow 889
5 Oldham 668 Workington 782 Keighley 808
6 Doncaster 649 Keighley 781 Whitehaven 673
7 Hunslet 588 Whitehaven 752 Workington 654
8 Coventry 413 Hunslet 616 Doncaster 562
9 London Skol 398 Oldham 505 London Skol 453
10 North Wales 342 Coventry 387 Hunslet 413
11 West Wales 215 London Skol 381 Coventry 366
North Wales 374 North Wales 342
West Wales 318 South Wales 229
Hemel 177 Gloucester 212

Oxford 136

Hemel 118

Matches 38 Matches 182 Matches 176
Total 25,406 Total 157,191 Total 164,662
Avg 669 Avg 864 Avg 936