Friday, 30 June 2017

UK Top Teams : 1981-1990

This is part of a series where top results are scored and tallied up. The Championship is the top 4 teams, scored 6-3-2-1. Then the Premiership again top 4 sides, 6-4-2-2. Challenge Cup finalists, 4-2. League Cup 4-2, Lancashire & Yorkshire Cups 3-1.

A break down of competitions shows who were the big hitters in this decade.

The League: Wigan 24 points, Hull KR 18, Widnes 16.
Finals: Widnes 30, Hull KR 20, St Helens and Hull FC 18 each.
Challenge Cup: Wigan 27 points, Widnes 15 and Hull FC 12.
Lancashire/Yorkshire Cups: Wigan 14 / Castleford/Hull FC 10 each.
League Cup: Wigan 20 points and daylight second.

In the previous decade, St Helens Leeds and Widnes were best. For the 1980's after a slow start it was all Wigan. Widnes was well behind, while the two Hull sides were 3rd and 4th most successful. Saints and Warrington made up the top six.

In the World Club Challenge with Australia, Wigan won the first to be held this decade. In 1987, they defeated Manly 8-2 in a tryless encounter at Central Park, Wigan. In the other match in this period, Widnes overcame Canberra 30-18 after trailing 0-12 early on. The Match was played at Old Trafford, Manchester. These results are not incorporated in the points chart below.

The Hull sides were strong early on but faded as the decade progressed. Widnes started and finished well but stalled in the middle. From 1985 to 1990, the Wigan team was almost unstoppable, winning two league titles, two grand finals, four Challenge Cups, four Lancashire Cups and four League Cups. They were the cup specialists. Could they maintain that through the next decade. We shall see.

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Rk Club / Year Tot 90 89 88 87 86 85 84 83 82 81
1 Wigan Warriors 97 18 16 11 19 12 11 3 6
2 Widnes Vikings 67 8 14 12

9 6 12 6
3 Hull FC 59
8 8 16 17 4
4 Hull KR 57

8 15 12 5 5 12
5 St Helens RFC 44
5 11 8 2 12 2 2
6 Warrington Wolves 42 6
3 8 8
2 3 2 10
7 Leeds Rhinos 28 5 5 2
2 3 4 4
8 Castleford Tigers 24
1 1 4 7
3 2
9 Halifax RLFC 23 2
3 8 10

10 Bradford Bulls 22 8

1 1 6
11 Leigh Centurions 9

12 Featherstone Rov 9 1 2


13 Barrow Raiders 5


14 Oldham Roughyeds 2 1


15 Wakefield Trinity 1

16 Salford Red Devils 1

490 49 49 49 49 49 49 49 49 49 49

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Colonial Cup / Americas Cup : 2009-2016

The Colonial Cup is between the USA and Canada, going back to 2010. The USA has had the better run in the series but for two years, those north of the border were victors. The USA has won ten games and Canada four. The USA winners in five series with Canada twice. 2017 will take a break with the World Cup year interfering.


YEAR 1st 2nd

2010 USA 1 Canada 0

2011 USA 1 Canada 0

2012 USA 2 Canada 0

2013 USA 3 Canada 1

2014 Canada 1 USA 0

2015 Canada 2 USA 1

2016 USA 2 Canada 0

The Atlantic Cup (called the Americas Championship since 2016) is a tri-series with the above nations and Jamaica added. It was first held in 2009 with just the USA and Jamaica as a one off match in the US. Canada joined in 2010 with the US winning from Jamaica and the newbies third. It went into recess until 2016 and the USA triumphed again, with Canada up to second and Jamaicans finishing a creditable third. Is it planned again? It should be as it very much helps the sport develop in region and gives players something to aspire to, playing internationals.


YEAR 1st 2nd 3rd

2009 USA Jamaica -

2010 USA Jamaica Canada

2016 USA Canada Jamaica

Updated 03/08/2017.

Nordic/ Lowlands Cups : 2011-2016

The Nordic Cup is between Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It has been held each year from 2011 to 2016. Each nation has won it at least once, with Denmark doing best overall. Unfortunately, Denmark had a temporary halt to the game there and the 2017 series will not go ahead.

There was a game between Norway and Denmark in 2017, played in Norway. They came away triumphant 38-18. I guess that could count as the Nordic winners for 2017 but I'm not sure that even the participants viewed it that way or not. Denmark is getting back again to playing RL so hopefully a 2018 three team version will take place.


YEAR 1st 2nd 3rd

2011 Denmark Norway Sweden

2012 Norway Denmark Sweden

2013 Sweden Denmark Norway

2014 Denmark Sweden Norway

2015 Denmark Norway Sweden

2016 Norway Denmark Sweden

In another tournament, the lowland countries of Belgium and the Netherlands were joined by Germany for a triangular series. It was won by Belgium, with the Dutch in third. I'm not sure this will be held again but I would have thought the relative closeness in distance of the three participants would have made it viable. Hopefully it's not the last.


YEAR 1st 2nd 3rd

2016 Belgium Germany Nederland

Monday, 26 June 2017

European Group C : 2008-2016

Below the European Cup and B Cup lies the C Cup (perhaps I could have put that better). Anyway, lesser nation can play at a level that tests, gives experience and hopefully develops players. Two to three nations participate. As to why more don't I'm unsure.

I hope it can be expanded as it is such an important part of the process of encouraging them. The only down side is if only two teams are involved, it lessens the number of games and variety of styles they will be exposed to. I imagine 2018 will see a resumption.


YEAR 1st 2nd 3rd

2008 Latvia Estonia

2009 Ukraine Latvia Estonia

2010 Malta Norway

2011 Czech R Hungary

2012 Czech R Hungary

2013 Ukraine Norway Czech R

2014 Greece Malta Czech R

2015 Spain Malta Greece

2016 Ukraine Czech R

Sunday, 25 June 2017

European Group B : 2006-2014

This tournament is for nations that are finding their feet in the game. Some of them have benefited, others are no longer. Still, it gives them a chance to grow as players have the incentive to represent their nation at international level.

Of the countries listed, Austria has since ceased playing. Estonia and Latvia struggle and are not consistently playing as best I can ascertain. Germany is holding rather than growing. The rest - which is the majority - are doing well, having no doubt benefited from this tournament's existence.

It hasn't bee played of late, seemingly due to the World Cup qualifiers. I think it could have been as these countries aren't going but maybe resources were stretched. It certainly needs to continue and hopefully a pathway to the European Cup, which is the next stage up.


YEAR 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

2006 Germany Austria Estonia

2007 Serbia Germany Czech R

2008 Italy Germany Czech R

2009 Italy Germany Czech R

2010 W Serbia Germany Czech R

2010 E Russia Ukraine Latvia

2011 Germany Malta Norway

12/13 Russia Italy Serbia Germany

14/15 Serbia Russia Italy Ukraine