Saturday, 5 August 2017

Rugby League World Cup : 1989-92

This was the second and final RL WC where it was played over three years with a match of each tour counting as a WC game. It had its good and not so good aspects but was certainly something different.

What this WC did have was a virtual absence of any surprises. Australia went through the group stage undefeated with eight wins from eight. Papua New Guinea at its second tournament was less effective and lost all eight matches it played. France beat PNG twice but lost all the other games. The Great Britain vs New Zealand contests were more even, with the victories shared one each.

Match attendances varied somewhat. Overall they were better than most previous tournaments, but disappointing in France where that nations deteriorating international record seemingly putting off the locals. The clashes between GB and Australia got the most spectators.

GB made the final due to a much better points scored differential. The final was held in Wembley Staduim and nearly 74,000 fans turned up. Despite Australia doing much better through the tournament, in the final it was an extremely close affair. Penalty goals were the only scoring for most of the match and with 12 minutes to play, GB lead 6-4. However, Australia scored the game's only try and that was enough to give them a 10-6 victory.

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AUS 22 GBR 10 NZL 34 GBR 40 AUS 34 NZL 21 NZL 18 AUS 16 +168
NZL 14 NZL 6 FRA 0 PNG 8 FRA 2 GBR 18 PNG 10 GBR 10 +142

NZL 10 +77
AUS 14 AUS 34 GBR 45 NZL 32 FRA 20 AUS 40 AUS 40 FRA 4 -167
GBR 0 FRA 10 FRA 10 FRA 10 PNG 18 NZL 12 PNG 6 PNG 0 -220

GBR 56 FRA 28 GBR 36 AUS 16 NZL 66 AUS 36

AUS 10
PNG 4 PNG 14 FRA 0 GBR 10 PNG 10 PNG 14


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