Monday, 28 August 2017

World Cup Trivia : 1954 -2013

Let's have some WC trivia points that reflects fourteen World Cup tournaments. Great Britain and England are treated as one entity.

Who have played in the most tournaments?

Australia, GB/England, New Zealand and France have played in all of them.

Who has played the most matches?

Australia. 72.

Who has won the most matches?

Australia. 59.

Who has drawn the most matches? 

GB/England. 6.

Who has a 100% loss record?

South Africa (6 games, 6 losses), Russia (3 games, 3 losses).

How many nations have played at tournaments?

17. The NZ Maori had a side in 2000, but are not a distinct nation.

How many matches have been played at WC tournaments?


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