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France Elite Teams By Season : 2010-11

Lézignan-Corbières is a small town in the south of France near Narbonne. The population is just 10,000 people so the RL must draw some support from the surrounding region. The reason why this has been raised will become apparent as we continue.

The Elite One: FC Lézignan won from Limoux Grizzlies but only on points difference as both finished on 54 points. SM Pia came third with 50 points and then a gap to fourth.

Finals: In a slightly different format, FC Lézignan rode its luck in defeating SM Pia 25-24 to book a finals spot. In the other sudden death match, Limoux won against Villeneuve XIII 40-24 to enter a playoff game with SM Pia. Limoux triumphed 26-12. In a close final FC Lézignan were just too good for Limoux, winning 17-12. Nearly 12,000 attended at Narbonne for the match.

Lord Derby Cup: In one semi final - you guessed it - FC Lézignan progressed with a win over UTC (now known as St Estève - XIII Catalan) 18-16 in yet another tight victory for the Aude club. Montpellier (Méditerranée Métropole Rugby) XIII couldn't make the final in losing galantly to SM Pia 30-42. If SM Pia thought they could stop FC Lézignan, they were wrong. They were on the wrong end of a 28-17 defeat despite leading 11-6 at half time. Nearly 5,400 were in Carcassonne to witness the occasion.

In summary, FC Lézignan took out the treble, not by overwheming everyone but doing enough to get the right results. I guess you would have to say they had some luck, but you need that in sport. Pia was the next best with a cup final loss, a semi final defeat and 3rd in the league (44 points). Limoux did well in the league and finals for 3rd best side with 40 points.

Rk Team Rnd Fls LD Tot

1 Lézignan 20 20 20 60

2 Pia 16 12 16 44

3 Limoux 18 16 6 40

4 Villeneuve 14 9

5 St Estève Cat 10
12 22

6 Montpellier 7
12 19

7 Carcassonne 12 6

8 Avignon 11
6 17

9 St Gaudens 8
6 14

10 Carpentras 9


11 Albi

6 6

Total 125 63 84 272

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