Sunday, 11 February 2018

Weird NZ Anti RL Stories : Part One

Some years ago I walked into my local suburban stationery store to buy some items. As I entered, a low platform with books plied high caught my attention. As I wandered over, there were about six people standing around the display, checking out the books.

I quickly walked around I went to move on but noticed one stack of books had a different book on the top to all the others below it. I could then see the top book about Rugby Union and that belonged on the other side of the display. Being the sort who likes things in order, I collected it to move it to its rightful place only to find the pile it rested on was a stack of books on Rugby League.

I wondered if it was an accident as these sports are similar in nature and RU apologists are always trying to put the smaller code of RL down. I dismissed it as a coincidence and took the RU back to its place. I went over to buy the items I came in for, made the purchase and started heading for the door, I glanced across at the books again. To my shock, the solitary RU book was back on the RL stack again.

I went back over and the same people were there looking over the books. I picked up the RU book again and scanned the eyes of the people to see if I could deduce the culprit. No no one gave a hint of their duplicity. I took the RU book back and put it where it belonged.

I then walked out the store and down the road. I wondered if they would simply do it again once I left but decided I was too busy to return and find out. The saying on the left went through my mind as I went on my way. It says much about the pettiness of some RU supporters in New Zealand that they would behave like that. I've met too many, as the continuing series will reveal. (Part two click here).

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