Wednesday, 6 September 2017

UK Championship Table : 2017

I must say that sometimes the labeling of leagues is baffling. I mean to say, why not call this division two? Everyone would get that rather than a name that sounds like a top division. One definition of the word championship is "a contest for the position of champion in a sport or game". The champion will come from the SL division one.

That aside this competition has some quality teams toward the top of the league. Dropping SL to 12 sides instead of 14 has helped in that. It's lifted the quality of the top sides and therefore the benchmark, so many players are benefiting from the higher level being played. The final table was:

17 Club Pts 16

1 Hull KR 39 R

2 London 36 2

3 Featherstone 31 4

4 Halifax 32 6

5 Toulouse 30 P

6 Batley 22 3

7 Sheffield 20 7

8 Dewsbury 16 8

9 Rochdale 15 P

10 Swinton 12 9

11 Oldham 11 10

12 Bradford 0 5

P Leigh - 1

R Workington - 11

R Whitehaven - 12

The '17' and '16' refer to how the team was ranked in those years. Hull KR were relegated in 2016 from SL and immediately win the Championship. London remained second with Batley falling from 3rd to 6th. Toulouse was promoted and nearly made the top four that would have given them a crack at promotion to SL.

Bradford were deducted 12 points in 2017 for entering administration, so ended up with zero points. It has gone from one financial disaster to another. The colour coding is according to the area the team resides in. White is Yorkshire, red Lancashire, pale blue London, dark blue France and green Cumbria. As for the three clubs at the bottom of the list detached from the others: Winners in 2016 Leigh were promoted to SL. The two sides from Cumbria were relegated.

Above the Championship division, there is the Super league. For the Super League table, please click here.

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