Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Rugby League World Cup : 2000

After the success of the 1995 tournament, the 2000 version was to build on that. What transpired was anything but a success. Some of the worst weather you could imagine occurred during the WC. Transport strikes made things difficult and getting tickets for matches was in some cases poorly handled. In the end competing nations didn't get the financial windfall expected, especially hurting lesser nations.

Fifteen nations came along as well as an indigenous team, the New Zealand Maori. Presumably brought in to make up the sixteen sides, the opinion being a fully fledged nation couldn't be found that would be competitive enough. Thankfully it hasn't been repeated. Now for the groups. Four with four teams in each with two to qualify from each.

Group 1: Having Australia and England in one group guaranteed a larger crowd but made it next to impossible for the other two nations. As it turned out, England were a poor side that year so posed no threat to Australia. They both qualified, with Fiji and Russia with no chance.

Group 2: New Zealand had a strong team and easily went through the group. Wales just got past Lebanon and was the other qualifier. The Cook Islands were gallant and got a draw with The Cedars.

Group 3: Papua New Guinea narrowly defeated France first up and then had two fairly unconvincing wins. France played better than in 1995 and won the next two quite comfortably. Tonga were not great and South Africa made up the numbers. So PNG and France went through.

Group 4: Some fancied the NZ Maori to win this group. After a one point victory over a novice Scottish side, they lost the next two to end their campaign. Ireland was a surprise winner over Samoa, but those two sides progressed.

Quarter Finals: Australia comfortably defeated Samoa, likewise NZ over France. England toiled to get past Ireland and Wales progressed courtesy of a win over PNG.

Semi Finals: Australia were shocked by a fast starting Wales but steadied the ship to get past their plucky opponents. England offered no resistance to a NZ side that was looking very good.

Final: What many - including myself - thought was a game that could have gone either way was nothing of the sort. The Kangaroos cantered home 40-12, the biggest winning margin for a WC final ever. 44,000 mainly neutral fans turned up to watch.

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Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
AUS 22 FIJ 38 NZL 64 WAL 38 PNG 23 TON 66 IRE 30 NZM 17
ENG 2 RUS 12 LEB 0 CIS 6 FRA 20 RSA 18 SAM 16 SCO 16

ENG 70 AUS 66 WAL 24 NZL 84 FRA 28 PNG 16 SAM 21 IRE 18
RUS 4 FIJ 8 LEB 22 CIS 10 TON 8 RSA 0 NZM 16 SCO 6

ENG 66 AUS 110 NZL 58 LEB 22 FRA 56 PNG 30 IRE 30 SAM 20
FIJ 10 RUS 4 WAL 18 CIS 22 RSA 6 TON 22 NZM 16 SCO 12

Final Group Standings QF SF Final
Gr 1 Gr 2 Gr 3 Gr 4 AUS 66 NZL 54 AUS 46 AUS 40
AUS 6 NZL 6 PNG 6 IRE 6 SAM 10 FRA 6 WAL 22 NZL 12

FIJ 2 LEB 1 TON 2 NZM 2 ENG 26 WAL 22 NZL 49

RUS 0 C IS 1 RSA 0 SCO 0 IRE 16 PNG 8 ENG 6

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