Saturday, 15 July 2017

State Of Origin - 2017

This series was a peculiar one. The New South Wales side was consistent throughout regarding personnel while Queensland used something like 29 players through the matches. That sort of disruption affects combinations. So we could expect NSW to improve as the series progressed and Queensland's effort deteriorate.

Match one: NSW hit the ground running with a fluent, dominant display. The 28-4 scoreline in Queensland was huge.

Match two: This was more like the SOO with a tight, anything could happen game. It was also typical as a last gasp try and sideline conversion to Queensland gave them the spoils 18-16. It should have been NSW's game but how often has that been said before?

Match three: Queensland looked like the settled side and NSW the team beset by squad changes. It was as one sided as the first game but in reverse order. The 22-6 result was flattering to the stunned NSW side who in my opinion deserved the series but failed to deliver.

That takes the Queensland run to 21-14-2 and eleven out of the last twelve. It's starting to get rather predictable, something you couldn't say about it prior to the last twelve series.

Picture source: NRL.

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