Thursday, 13 July 2017

Rugby League World Cup : 1960

England hosted the third World Cup, its first time. The same four sides took part in the contest as had previously been involved. Live television of the matches was new and possibly affected attendances, which were not very high. Would the holders Australia be able to hold on to the trophy?

France vs Australia. Picture RLIF.

Round one games involved Great Britain and New Zealand, the hosts prevailing 23-8 at Bradford with just over 20,000 witnessing proceedings at the ground. In addition, France all but defeated Australia 12-13 but missed opportunities to take the game. Just over 20,000 were at Wigan to watch.

Round two saw GB defeat France 33-7 with 23,000 spectators at Swinton. In the other fixture, Australia laboured to overcome NZ 21-15 at Leeds with just over 10,000 patrons the witness proceedings.

The last round had a poor attendance of less that 3,000 at Wigan. Maybe they knew something as the game ended 9-0 to NZ over France. Reports suggest it was a feisty affair. The two unbeaten sides GB and Australia met in another ill-tempered match. The hosts won 10-3 and as there was no final to be played, GB were declared the winners.

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1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round GBR 6 +48

GBR 23 AUS 13 AUS 21 GBR 33 GBR 10 NZL 9 AUS 4 -1 No
NZL 8 FRA 12 NZL 15 FRA 7 AUS 3 FRA 0 NZL 2 -12 Final

FRA 0 -36

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