Sunday, 4 March 2018

Weird NZ Anti RL Stories : Part Four

In part two I found out what I had suspected, bias by Sky TV New Zealand. it was confirmed with a phone call I received from the channel. From time to time, customers were offered other channels free for short periods in the hope they would agree to add the channel to their package when the offer ended.

One day i got a call from a man from Sky telling me I was being offered one free channel from a selection. He cheerfully said he noticed I already had the Sports channel so he would think i would jump at the chance to have the dedicated Rugby Union channel for free (for three months I think). I said I didn't watch RU so that was of no interest to me but what were the other channels on offer?

He suddenly changed his attitude to one of of terseness, saying that would be all then. I said hang on, I was happy to take another channel, just not that one. He didn't want to tell me what the others were and wished to terminate the conversation. I did manage to get another one, begrudgingly.

I thought the whole point of the exercise was to promote SkyTV and encourage me to spend more. What I remember feeling was it was a TV company that allowed my disinterest in RU to negatively impact on its treatment of a paying customer. How unprofessional. Unfortunately that seemed to be the culture that was part of SkyTV in NZ.

For more on this TV company see Part Three.

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