Sunday, 18 February 2018

Weird NZ Anti RL Stories : Part Two

Many people in New Zealand who watch Rugby Union will also watch Rugby League. There are some similarities, but RU is not the sort of game to interest me. Anyway some years ago I had SkyTV and I would watch RL although RU was also available.

When watching any channel on SkyTV there were always promotions for other things you may be interested in, related to what you were currently watching. I recall every break in a RL game being bombarded with Sky adverts promoting RU games coming up. I remember sitting there thinking "I bet they don't do the reverse when people are watching RU games". The problem was I didn't watch RU games to find out.

Later I was reading a TV magazine where someone had written in. He watched both RU and RL on Sky, enjoying both. He said what annoyed him was when watching a RL game he was bombarded with suggestions to watch RU games but when watching RU games, there had never been a promotion of an upcoming RL game. He felt it was RU bias.

So Sky TV in NZ paid to have both sports on its network but while it saw fit to promote RU to RL watchers, it saw no need to promote in the other direction. Ever, according to this dual fan. Why would a sports channel have such prejudice against RL? I know the culture of NZ and its condescending attitude to RL and wondered if it was part of the Sky culture? Another event confirmed that, as will be revealed in a future article.

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