Friday, 17 November 2017

RL Women's WC 2017 : 1st Round Summary

Finally the women are part of the tournament, as the first round - a triple header - was played in Sydney, Australia. Australia are favourites and New Zealand the other possible winners but after that highly unlikely the other four teams have any hope of lifting the trophy come finals day. The first round confirmed that as a likely outcome. Still, WCs to me are not just about winning but competing.

Game One: First up a Pool B game between New Zealand and Canada. The Kiwi Ferns side is a tough one honed on matches with the old enemy Australia. They took on an unknown quantity of Rugby Union converts taking to RL, known as the Ravens.

In the first half it was quite close as the Kiwis Ferns tried to find their groove and the Ravens were giving it their all. They changed ends with score 16-4. In the second half the NZ team's size, power and experience started to tell and ran away with the game.

Final score: New Zealand 50-4 Canada.

Game Two: Then it was the turn of the Australian Jillaroos against the Cook Islands Moanas (definition: a body of open water). The Jillaroos (definition: young woman in training on a cattle or sheep farm) hit the ground running and led 36-0 at the break. It was more even in the second half but by that time the horse had well and truly bolted.

Final score: Australia 58-4 Cook Islands.

Game Three: The PNG Orchids were expected to give the England Lionesses a run for their money and led early in the contest. However, the Lionesses had clawed back the initiative to lead 18-8 when oranges were passed around. In the second period England took control, going on to win but with some injuries along the way.

Final score: England 38-8 PNG.

Attendance: 3,000.

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