Friday, 13 October 2017

League One 2017: Expansion

The first division Super League in the UK has one French club and eleven teams from the traditional heartlands. Division two (Championship) also had one French based side and one in London, the rest (ten in total) were in the north of England although Sheffield isn't what I'd call from a historical RL area. So we'll make nine out of twelve heartland teams.

Which brings us the the third division, League One. Of the sixteen clubs, only seven from traditional RL towns, two based in Wales, six from the rest of England (including one from North East England) and one from Canada. How did the non-traditional teams fare?

Below I have colour-coded the list, green being for the traditional areas, blue for the rest of England, orange and salmon the others. This is for the fifteen round first stage only.

Rk Club Pts

1 Toronto 30

2 Whitehaven 27

3 Barrow 25

4 York 20

5 Doncaster 20

6 Newcastle 18

7 Keighley 15

8 Workington 15

9 North Wales 15

10 Hunslet 14

11 London Scholars 13

12 Gloucester 12

13 Oxford 8

14 Coventry 4

15 South Wales 2

16 Hemel 2

With the exception of Toronto which was a fully professional squad, the heartland clubs did by far the best. Still, it's good to see the new areas giving it a crack. On top of that, promotion is an option for any that have the backing and desire to move up.

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