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France Elite Teams By Season : 2009-10

Nine sides contested the league this year, with the withdrawal of Lyon-Villeurbanne Rhone XIII from the elite competition. In addition, Toulouse Olympique and Les Catalans Dragons were playing in England.

League: FC Lézignan won with 44 points, ahead of AS Carcassonne on 38, followed by the Limoux Grizzlies and SM Pia on 36 points.

Finals: UTC (St Estève - XIII Catalan) went out straight away to SM Pia 24-25, while Limoux had another chance in a sudden death match after being defeated by AS Carcassonne 10-31.

In the next round Limoux ran out of lives, going down 20-38 to SM Pia. In the other encounter, FC Lézignan found victory easy against AS Carcassonne with a 54-12 scoreline. The single sudden death semi final was narrowly won by SM Pia 17-16 over AS Carcassonne.

In the grand final the form team FC Lézignan was too good for SM Pia (33-22). 6,600 were at Montpellier to observe proceedings.

Lord Derby Cup: In the quarts de finale, AS Carcassonne won 36-11 against Lescure-Arthes, Limouw likewise with SM Pia 32-24, RC Carpentras XIII narrowly overcame Villeneuve-sur-Lot 26-22 and the FC Lézignan pipped UTC 32-28.

The demi-finales put FC Lézignan up against AS Carcassonne, the former prevailing 26-18. Meanwhile Lmioux took the other finals spot with a victory over RC Carpentras XIII 34-20.

The grand final was between close neighbours. FC Lézignan narrowly defeated Limoux 18-14 after leading 12-4 at the half way point. The final was played at Avignon in front of 6,000 spectators.

Summary: FC Lézignan won all three trophies and took the maximum 60 points. Both AS Carcassonne and Limoux Grizzlies tried to stay with them but ended up with 42 and 41 points respectively. SM were the 4th best with 36 points.

Rk Team Rnd Fls LD Tot

1 Lézignan 20 20 20 60

2 Carcassonne 18 12 12 42

3 Limoux 16 9 16 41

4 Pia 14 16 6 36

5 UTC (St E-Cat) 12 6 6 24

6 Carpentras 11
12 23

7 Villeneuve 10
6 16

8 Avignon 9


9 St Gaudens 8


9 Lescure-Arth

6 6

Total 118 63 84 265

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