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Rugby League World Cup : 2013

The fourteenth edition of the RL world cup was held in Europe. Fourteen teams contested it, the USA and Italy there for the first time. When all components were added up - attendances and revenue - it was the most successful ever. Some of the match ups were crackers too. I watched every game in full, a first for me. Without pay TV now, that won't be happening again anytime soon.

Group 1: Australia, England, Fiji and Ireland with three to qualify. Australia defeated England but not without a real fight. Fiji accounted for Ireland, consigning the latter to certain elimination. So it transpired with Fiji coming third to go through.

Group 2: New Zealand, Samoa, Papaua New Guinea and France. Favourites NZ overcame Samoa in an entertaining match. France fought to defeat PNG in poor conditions by a single point. NZ then eased past the French side and Samoa was far too good for PNG. NZ were too good for PNG and Samoa were thuggish when beating France. Disgraceful Samoan effort.

Group 3: Three teams here and one match shared with Group 4 for each side to give them three matches too. Scotland narrowly upset Tonga in a fantastic game. Scotland then drew with Italy in another fine match before Tonga overcame Italy.

Group 4: The USA defeated the Cook Islands, then Wales too. Wales then lost in an upset result with the Cook Is.

Cross Group Games: Italy defeated a poor Wales side, Tonga just got past the Cook Is and Scotland proved to be the find of the tournament with a fine performance against the USA.

Quarter Finals: NZ ended the gallant Scots run 40-4, Australia brought the USA down to earth with a clinical 62-0 demolishing, England were efficient defeating France 34-6 and Fiji were too good for Samoa 22-4.

Semi Finals: The hosts England were on course to go through but poor finishing and a last gasp NZ try put them out. In the other game, Australia were far too good for Fiji, winning 64-0. After plenty of exciting group game, some of the finals matches had been one sided.

Grand Final: New Zealand's hard semi final prepared them well for the big one. Australia's easy passage could mean that they were less mentally prepared. That's how I saw it but from the kick off, it was clearly not the case. The Kiwis had a poor attitude and the Kangaroos were focused. 34-2 the score, the biggest winning margin in a final ever. England should have been there and would have put up a better showing.

The summary of the series can be seen by clicking here.
The first in the series (1954) can be seen by clicking here.

Group 1 Group 2 Group 1

AUS 28 FIJ 32 FRA 9 NZL 42 AUS 6 +90

ENG 20 IRE 14 PNG 8 SAM 24 ENG 4 +56

FIJ 2 -36 QF SF
ENG 42 AUS 34 NZL 48 SAM 38 IRE 0 -110 NZL 40 NZL 20
IRE 0 FIJ 2 FRA 0 PNG 4 Group 2 SCO 4 NZL 18

NZL 6 +112

ENG 34 AUS 50 NZL 56 SAM 22 SAM 4 +32 AUS 62 AUS 64
FIJ 12 IRE 0 PNG 10 FRA 6 FRA 2 -63 USA 0 FIJ 0
Gr 3 Gr 4 Gr 3 / 4

PNG 0 -81

SCO 26 USA 32 ITAL 32

Group 3 ENG 34

TON 24 CIS 20 WAL 16

SCO 5 +16 FRA 6

TON 4 +20
SCO 20 USA 24 TON 22

ITA 3 0 FIJ 22 AUS 34
ITA 20 WAL 16 CIS 16

Group 4 SAM 4 NZL 2

USA 4 +6

TON 16 CIS 28 SCO 22

CIS 2 -14

ITA 0 WAL 24 USA 8

WAL 0 -28

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