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France Elite Teams By Season : 2012-13

The season was to have ten teams in the Elite Division One but just as it started Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole Rugby XIII pulled out for financial reasons. The remaining nine duly played out the season.

The Elite One: The best side was the Salanque Méditerranée Pia XIII by some margin, finishing on 47 points. Neighbours St Estève - XIII Catalan came in second with 41 points. FC Lézignan (37) led a clutch of sides which were SO Avignon (36), Toulouse Olympique (35) as was AS Carcassonne.

Finals: In one semi final SM Pia (aka The Donkeys) pipped Toulouse 25-24 and St Estève also just got through 18-16 over FC Lézignan. The final had Pia rounding off a fine season with a 33-26 victory over St Estève. 6,700 were at Perpignan for the game.

Lord Derby Cup: In the first semi final SO Avignon won through against Toulouse 32-26 and in the other knock out match Limoux got past AC Carcassonne  36-28. As liberal the scoring was for the semis, the final went one better when Avignon took the coupe 38-37 from Limoux. 5,000 watced the encounter at Carcassonne.

Three teams got 40 points, Pia, St Estève and Avignon. Pia was the best team by my reckoning but for the LD Cup when it lost its first round match to what was a 'walk over' due to a punishment handed down to the club. Because of that, the best team. St Estève didn't win anything but was in everything, while Avignon succeeded in the cup.

After the season finished Salanque Méditerranée Pia XIII relinquished their elite division status due to financial constraints. The best team of the year kicked out of the cup and then walks away from the top division for the sport? Une situation regetable.

Rk Team E 1 Fls LD Tot

1 Pia 20 20

1 St Estève Cat 18 16 6 40

1 Avignon 14 6 20 40

4 Toulouse 12 12 12 36

5 Carcassonne 11 6 12 29

6 Lézignan 16 12

7 Limoux 9
16 25

8 Lescure-Arth 8
6 14

9 Villeneuve 10


10 Villefranche

6 6

10 Réalmont

6 6

Total 118 72 84 274

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