Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Rugby League World Cup : 1957

This tournament marked the 50th anniversary of rugby league 'down under'. Great Britain had defeated Australia in a series the year before but the WC was held in Australia, giving them home advantage. It was therefore uncertain who would take the honours.

In the first round of matches, Australia defeated New Zealand 25-5 in Brisbane in front of nearly 30,000 spectators. Meanwhile, 50,000 turned up in Sydney to watch GB prevail over France 23-5.

The second stanza had France narrowly overcoming NZ 14-10 with just over 20,000 in attendance in Brisbane. Sydney's match involved Australia and GB, the hosts in the end running away with it 31-6 to the delight of nearly 60,000 people.

The final stage of the World Cup included Australia accounting for France 26-9 (35,000 / Sydney) and NZ winning its first ever WC game 29-12 over GB (Sydney / nearly 15,000). With no final to be played, the title went to the undefeated Kangaroos. Goal difference separated GB, NZ and France in that order.

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1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round AUS 6 +62

GBR 23 AUS 25 AUS 31 FRA 14 AUS 26 NZL 29 GBR 2 -15 No
FRA 5 NZL 5 GBR 6 NZL 10 FRA 9 GBR 21 NZL 2 -16 Final

FRA 2 -31

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