Friday, 22 September 2017

UK Super League Attendances : 2016-17 (By Club)

In the final of a trilogy on UK RL attendances for 2017, we look at the elite division, Super League. Hull KR were relegated in 2016 and Leigh Centurions replaced them for 2017. How did things stack up over the 23 rounds of the regular season?

The total attendees went down from 1,620,000 to 1,602,000, a drop of 1.1%. The average went from 8.953 to 8,850. Magic Weekend is a time all the teams gather at one venue for a smorgasbord of RL games. It has been held in the city of Newcastle these past two years and have been well attended, although the total number dropped slightly in 2017 (-4.2%).

Looking at the chart below shows Leeds to be the best supported team. 14,700 turned up each game on average. Wigan managed about 13,700. With four sides unable to muster 6,000, this shows the need to expand the reach of the game.

Please note the Magic W/E attendance is not included in the club averages but is in the total figure and total average. Another point of interest is that Leigh's promotion to SL increased it's average attendance figure by 78%. How much did Hull KR lose with it's average attendance figure when relegated? Only 3.5%.


2017 2016

Leeds 14,711 Leeds 15,521

Wigan 13,699 Wigan 13,497

Hull FC 11,375 Hull FC 11,670

St Helens 10,946 Warrington 11,051

Warrington 10,164 St Helens 10,718

Catalans 8,612 Catalans 9,261

Castleford 8,779 Hull KR 7,611

Leigh 6,301 Castleford 7,474

Huddersfield 5,873 Widnes 5,469

Widnes 5,587 Huddersfield 5,271

Wakefield 5,269 Wakefield 4,866

Salford 3,904 Salford 3,231

Magic W/E 65,407 Magic W/E 68,276

Total 1,601,905 Total 1,620,507

Avg 8,850 Avg 8,953

The M62 corridor should always be a central part of RL in the Northern Hemisphere but there are too many clubs along it in SL. Toronto is new to RL and they played in the third division but they had more fans on average turn up than five SL teams could manage. It's economic necessity that will drive change, along with visionaries like Eric Perez and the open mindedness of the RFL to accept change.

Now looking at all three divisions in combination with each other. The total attendance for 2017 was (drum roll) .............. 1,987,500 compared to 1,905,200, a 4.3% increase. However, there was one extra team so the total attendance per team was 49,700 as opposed to 48,800 or a 1.7% increase. Yay.

A satisfactory result in the end. How will 2018 pan out? I'm not sure but a 2% increase would be a safe estimate. What do you think?

PS. The figures above are for the 30 regular rounds of SL and for some teams 23 games plus qualifying matches, or fourteen to fifteen home games each. That change was made on 14.11.17 from 23 SL rounds before.

To see the Championship (div 2) or League 1 (div 3), simply click on them.

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