Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Super League 2018 Preview

Picking results for a season that hasn't started is difficult. Three years ago the Leeds Rhinos won the league, the next year were in the relegation playoff series and then in 2017 came second in the league. What a topsy-turvy three years. What about 2018?

I haven't studied all the player movements but here goes. The 2017 list in order of finishing and then my predictions.

1) Castleford. Did well to win and win easily but will have to deal with other clubs being more wary of them. 4th would be a good finish.

2) Leeds. They have lost two stalwarts but have a good squad. 2nd again.

3) Hull FC. Have a strong side so could do anything but I'll say 3rd again.

4) Salford. Had an amazing year from virtual relegation to top four. It won't be a repeat so I'll go for 10th.

5) Wakefield. A good team on a limited budget, they box above their weight. They can't keep up that standard every years so 9th this time.

6) St Helens. I like their squad but they underachieved in 2017 so a rebound in 2018. I'm going for 1st.

7) Wigan. Not a great 2017 by their standards and I feel there are reasons for it that won't go away just yet. 6th this time.

8) Huddersfield have some good players but haven't quite got enough to do better. 8th again.

9) Warrington. They had a shocker last season and they won't do that back to back. 5th in 2018

10) Catalans. I think they will slowly be getting back on track this year. 7th.

12) Widnes. I feel they will struggle again. 12th.

Promoted: Hull KR. Its' hard coming back into the top flight and while they will surprise some sides, 11th will be their their final resting place.

So in Summary:

1) St Helens
2) Leeds.
3) Hull FC
4) Castleford.
5) Warrington.
6) Wigan.
7) Catalans.
8) Huddersfield.
9) Wakefield.
10) Salford.
11) Hull KR.
12) Widnes.

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